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The investment partner you choose is vital when it comes to property development. This is why we provide you with best advice, fitted for your personal needs and preferences. We find the best locations, at best possible prices from our large portfolio, and help you make the right decision.
Whether you want to relocate or to invest
It is the right time to come to Turkey
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Your house is waiting to be a home
We save you from the hastle of dealing with lawyers,
builders and contractors...
Sit back, relax and watch your investment doubling in value in no time...

Because brokers play such a crucial role in finding and purchasing a property, buyers should take the extra step of verifying their credentials and following up with references. Buyers can check the integrity of a broker’s license and credentials by requesting official license and title documents from the country’s real estate and broker registration and licensing authorities. Purchasing a home abroad can be a great international investment opportunity, as well as a personally satisfying experience. By knowing the risks, property investors can make choices that minimize their costs and maximize their gains.
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If you have the means and inclination, carefully consider a property investment. If you're planning to live overseas indefinitely, you can invest in foreign property without the same tax penalties associated with investing in foreign stocks. And depending on where you're living, the returns can be significant when it comes time to sell. Just be very careful about the laws and customs surrounding property purchases in foreign countries. Work closely with a reputable real estate agent - preferably one that has great experience in the market - and enlist a lawyer.
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